Shopping is Fun Now :-)


I went to the mall with my daughter and really enjoyed the experience.

There’s a store there with clothes I really like.  Last time I was there they told me they had nothing for me and sent me to a plus-size store near them.  Their sizes are small to begin with, and I really was quite overweight.

This time I was able to get whatever I wanted!

The biggest size in the store is XL and I got one Medium top and one Large.

I made sure to get things were a tiny bit small.  I could wear them now, though normally I’d get one size up.  But I know (ok, I hope) that in a few weeks it will be great.

So I got whatever I liked most!  That was not always possible in the past, with stores not having my sizes.

And I am very grateful for it.

Got any similar stories?  Share them with me.  I’ll be listening!

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