Craving Sweets? Me too! Here are some tips…

Yesterday was a really tough day.  I went through it dreaming of a chocolate souffle – I just couldn’t get it out of my head.

To top it off – my 13 year old and 10 year old decided to make chocolate chip cookies.

And I was constantly craving sweets.

In the past I would have eaten a lot in this situation, but things are different now. I understand myself better and know how to handle this without hating myself later.

Here’s how I prevent myself from binging during those times that I crave sweet food. Try it out – maybe it will help you too 🙂

Tip #1: Get Some Sleep

I’m pretty sure that when I get enough sleep I can handle whatever comes my way.  I can watch my kids eat those cookies, and I can handle a hard day.  All without reaching out and grabbing what I know I don’t really want to eat.  It happens to be that I only slept 4.5 hours the night before, and I’m pretty sure that if I had just taken a nap it would have made a big difference.  Too bad I couldn’t do that – it was just a crazy day with lots of errands to run.

Tip #2: Get a Healthy Fix

When I have a sugar craving, I will often eat a fruit and some nuts.  It’s amazing how much of an effect this has on me.  Many times when I have a strong craving, I’ll do this and then I will be totally fine afterwords.  Maybe the craving is just my body letting me know that it needs quick sugar and/or healthy fats.

Tip #3: Drink Water

Even better – drink lemon water.  Sometimes we crave sweets when we are thirsty.  Being thirsty also makes us tired (see my first tip), and that makes us  more susceptible to cravings.

Tip #4: Cheat and Enjoy It

So sometimes I decide  to go ahead and take a cookie or 2, or 2-3 squares of chocolate.  But I make sure to enjoy every bite.  If I enjoy what I’m eating and I don’t feel guilty about it – chances are that I don’t eat more.  I don’t know how well this works for everyone but it works great for me.  I get the pleasure out of it and then I don’t need more.

So yesterday I did #4 in the afternoon.  I took 2 of my kids cookies and I really really enjoyed every bite.  That worked well until the night.  I was up working late at night, and felt those cravings again.  I took a nectarine and some almonds, and that did it – no more cravings.

I know that 2 cookies in the afternoon, and fruit and nuts at night are not the best choices for me.  But if it’s either that or binging on junk food – I know what I’m going for 🙂


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